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I already had a GUI which solves formula my problem how do i load and read the excel to my GUI?anyone can help?

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I already had a GUI which solves formula for power,h,q,elavation.... my problem how do i read all the data in excel(consider the table of data is already in excel).. and whatever the result in the GUI will match the table of data in excel? anyone can help?
for example result on gui is 750.. then my table(table data below)will read the excel and give result the corresponding equivalent such as 750 equivalent will be 250...
800 300
775 280
750 250
725 175
700 100
sample code :
a = get(handles.input1_gamma,'String'); %GAMMA
b = get(handles.input2_h,'String'); %H
c = get(handles.input3_q,'String'); %Q
d = get(handles.input4_power,'String'); %POWER
e = get(handles.input5_eout,'String');
% a and b are variables of Strings type, and need to be converted
% to variables of Number type before they can be added together
out = str2num(b) + str2num(e);

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Héctor Corte
Héctor Corte le 17 Jan 2012
I have just uploaded a file into Matlab FileExchange to this kind of questions. You can check it out here:
It has almost every function you will need to work with Excel and Itself is an example of how to do it.

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