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Repmat converts '' to []

Asked by Aditya Jain on 30 Oct 2015
Latest activity Commented on by Aditya Jain on 11 Nov 2015
I want to create an array of structs
I am using the following code
structElement = struct('a', '', 'b', '', 'c', []);
ans = repmat(structElement, [4,1]);
The problem is that repmat converts '' to []
I want it to be ''
Is there a better way to do this?

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This happens only when I see it in Workspace Browser/ Viewer by double clicking a. Doesn't happen if I do ans(1,1).a
So probably a bug in Workspace browser?

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Answer by Nitin Khola on 3 Nov 2015
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Thanks for bringing this to the fore. At this instance, this appears to be an issue with the variable editor and not "repmat". You have mentioned that in the comment and it can also be illustrated by:
>> structElement = struct('a', '', 'b', '', 'c', []);
>> RepSt = repmat(structElement, [4,1]);
>> ischar(RepSt(1,1).a)
ans =
>> ischar(RepSt(1,1).c)
ans =
I was able to reproduce this issue. I will add it to our records. On a side note, I would like to request you to not use "ans" as a variable. Using the reserved keywords as variable and function names should be avoided.

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was just using that to reproduce the issue. Thanks for the tip :)

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