matlab android interfacing and reading values in real time

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Farhan Farooq
Farhan Farooq le 25 Nov 2015
Réponse apportée : saras le 27 Déc 2016
i am reading real time accelaration and angular velocities values from my android phone and saved them to variables like a and b respectively. i ve created a m file and put an un ending while loop to read the data. so far things are going good. but now i want to view my values in simulink on scope in real time how can i run my simulation in a loop.. i mean to say the simulation runs only once and then ends so how to make it run continously. thanks

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saras le 27 Déc 2016
You should be able to use blocks from Simulink Support Package for Android Devices and connect them to a scope in external mode to view the values in real time.

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