Reading AnalogPin0 from Arduino UNO in Simulink

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Frank on 29 Nov 2015
Answered: Esther on 30 Nov 2015
Hello all! I am trying to make a Simulink program that works with EMG signals. Currently I am using an Arduino UNO with an Olimex-EKG/EMG shield to read the EMG signals. I am currently having troubles though reading these values into Simulink. I have been able to read the values off the Arduino using the readVoltage command for 'A0' in matlab but for some reason I cannot read the values when I try and use the Analog Input box for pin 0 in Simulink... Anyone know why this might be?

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Esther on 30 Nov 2015
Hi Frank,
I'm supposing you want to acquire the signals and view them live in Simulink? For Simulink, to read values from the analog pins, you can either:
  • Set up serial communication (works on UNO) - here are two examples from File Exchange -
  1. Arduino Serial Data
  2. Arduino Serial Communication


Find more on Simulink Support Package for Arduino Hardware in Help Center and File Exchange

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