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libmwservices.dll missing after installation

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ALEXIS LE MILLIN on 17 Dec 2015
Commented: Hamna Baqai on 5 Jun 2020
I just created an account and launched the installation. I tried several times, but every time download is finished and I tried to pen Matlab, I get the error message: "libmwservices.dll missing. Try to reinstall the program to fix the problem". Reinstalling is not helping, waht can I do please?
thank you Very much Best regards, Alexis


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Answers (2)

Harood Nishat
Harood Nishat on 19 Apr 2020
Instead of unistalling the program is, go to start search for "%temp%" , this will let you open the temp folder, search "dll" files in that folder, copy all the dll files to C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2019b\bin\win64, and this should solve the problem.


Hamna Baqai
Hamna Baqai on 5 Jun 2020
I cannot find "dll" . it shows no files found. please help . I have the same issue

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