How to get real time data from a camera using a frame grabber and Image Acquisition Toolbox?

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Melisa on 23 Dec 2015
Answered: Madhura Suresh on 30 Dec 2015
I want to process images coming from Ultrastudio SDI (Blackmagic Design). Is the Image Acquisition Toolbox compatible with this device for real time image processing? Are there any examples of such an application?
Melisa on 23 Dec 2015
The actual physical camera connects to Ultrastudio SDI which is a frame grabber that connects to the PC. Unfortunately I do not have access to the camera at the moment so I can't check if it comes up in the "Imaging Devices" category, so the answer to the second question is I am not sure.

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Answers (2)

Madhura Suresh
Madhura Suresh on 30 Dec 2015
This link for your product says that it has directshow drivers. Can you install the OS Generic Support package and try this?
You can install the support package using the command:
Once you install the support package and connect the device to your computer, What does this give you in MATLAB:
imaqhwinfo winvideo

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 23 Dec 2015
I don't see it at, but if the camera shows up as a generic video device, it might be able to work with the generic video adapter.

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