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Neural network

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c.m.f.s. le 17 Jan 2012
Modifié(e) : Greg Heath le 3 Déc 2014
Which type of algorithm(feed forward back propagation?) should be used for finding the output value of a system for any given inputs at any time based on the previous data by using the neural network

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Héctor Corte
Héctor Corte le 17 Jan 2012
I recomend you to look for NARX neural network models.
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c.m.f.s. le 18 Jan 2012
Thanks for your reply.Actually my input is Current and Target value is the resistance.Resistance depends on the current. Can I use NARX model for this????

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Greg Heath
Greg Heath le 3 Déc 2014
Modifié(e) : Greg Heath le 3 Déc 2014
No. NARX is for predicting future values. For current values use FITNET.


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