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ellispse detection for cornea edges

Asked by Krishnaja Basireddy on 21 Jan 2016
Latest activity Edited by David Young
on 21 Jan 2016
I'm doing a project where we have to automatically detect cornea edges as an ellipse on a pair of eyes of squint eye patient.we have to find major and minor axes of both the ellipses and compare them. I've tried some of the codes available in the mathworks, but no desired output is found. Any suggestion is really appreciated

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please share the image here, so that we can figure out exactly.

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1 Answer

Answer by David Young
on 21 Jan 2016
Edited by David Young
on 21 Jan 2016

General purpose ellipse detection may not be the best solution to this problem - if you haven't already seen it, this paper may be of interest.


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