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What does step instruction in matlab do?

Asked by Neelum Dave on 26 Jan 2016
Latest activity Commented on by Walter Roberson
on 26 Jan 2016
videoFileReader = vision.VideoFileReader('h1.avi');
videoFrame = step(videoFileReader);


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1 Answer

Answer by David Young
on 26 Jan 2016
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It is documented: see this. Note that you have to look at the documentation for vision.videoFileReader in the Computer Vision System toolbox, and not the documentation for VideoReader.
Note also that there isn't a "step instruction" in MATLAB. step here is a method of the vision.videoFileReader class.

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So far, Mathworks has avoided using step() as the name of any toolbox routine. However, it is used as the name of a method in a number of different location, so you have to look at the object type of what you are calling step() on to determine what effect it has.

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