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Neural Networks Input Error

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Adriel Chen
Adriel Chen le 7 Mar 2011
Im doing a project for school, and I have actually trained my neural network. I could test the network in the GUI using my own input values, however when I wanted to test the network on matlab workspace for example:
outputs = net(inputs1)
it gives an error of : ??? Error using ==> network.sim at 121 Number of inputs does not match net.numInputs.
I am unable to comprehend why the inputs do not match.
Can someone help?
Regards, Adriel

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Héctor Corte
Héctor Corte le 10 Jan 2012
To calculate your net outputs to some inputs you should write:
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Greg Heath
Greg Heath le 11 Jan 2012
Although I like this format better, it is obsolete and that of the OP is correct.

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Greg Heath
Greg Heath le 11 Jan 2012
I suspect that your input and /or output matrices are transposed.
For an I-H-O net the input and output matrices have the sizes
[ I N ] = size(p) % input
[ O N ] = size(t) % target
size(y) = size(t) % output
Hope this helps.


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