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Is it possible to plot wind speed and wind direction together with time variable ?

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Tanziha Mahjabin
Tanziha Mahjabin le 12 Fév 2016
Commenté : Explorer le 12 Fév 2016
i plot something like this: % % Rottnest Wind % clear all; close all; clc; ncRef='D:\Gliderscope\DSWC\TWO ROCKS\2015\may 2015\IMOS_ANFOG_BCEOPSTUV_20150526T015723Z_SL502_FV01_timeseries_END-20150614T233556Z.nc'; % edit filename here glidertime=ncread(ncRef,'TIME'); glidertime=datenum(glidertime+datenum(1950,1,1,0,0,0));
Data2=importdata('Rottnest_HM01X_Data_009193_999999998742234.xlsx'); data3=Data2.data; data4=Data2.textdata; date=horzcat(data3(:,2),data3(:,3),data3(:,4),data3(:,5),data3(:,6)); date(:,6)=0; %%% fill column 6 with 0, as there is no seconds Tnn=datenum(date); Tn2=Tnn-8/24; % convert local time to UTC
w2=Data2.data(:,13); % wind speed w2=w2*1000/3600; wd2=Data2.data(:,15); % wind direction
wdir = wd2; %angles are in degrees which is ideal for the MATLAB %function 'PLOTWINDIRVEL' to work correctly %but it can take the wind direction in radians too. metrespersec = w2; %coresponding to magnitude [a,b] = plotWinDirVel(wdir,metrespersec,... {'Wind Direction (^\circ) and Wind Speed (length of arrow)'} ); %...(zero degrees is true North)'});
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% But it is doing compass plot. I want to plot it with time variable. How can i do that?
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Explorer le 12 Fév 2016
The way you have written code in question is not correct. Edit it, select the code only and select code option.

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