flip coins a given number of times

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Francesco L
Francesco L on 28 Feb 2016
Hi, I have to write a code to flip 3 coins a given number of times. Someone can help me? Thank you

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Muhammad Usman Saleem
Muhammad Usman Saleem on 28 Feb 2016
may make a code about probability of appearing head or tail in all flip

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 28 Feb 2016
Use inputdlg() to ask the user for the number of flips, and randi() to do the flips. Here's a start:
% Ask user for one integer number.
defaultValue = 5;
titleBar = 'Enter number of flips';
userPrompt = 'Enter flips';
caUserInput = inputdlg(userPrompt, titleBar, 1, {num2str(defaultValue)});
if isempty(caUserInput),return,end; % Bail out if they clicked Cancel.
% Round to nearest integer in case they entered a floating point number.
numFlips = round(str2double(cell2mat(caUserInput)));
% Check for a valid integer.
if isnan(numFlips)
% They didn't enter a number.
% They clicked Cancel, or entered a character, symbols, or something else not allowed.
numFlips = defaultValue;
message = sprintf('I said it had to be an integer.\nI will use %d and continue.', numFlips);
% Now do the flips of the 3 coins.
numCoins = 3;
fprintf('1 = heads, 2 = tails\n');
for flip = 1 : numFlips
fprintf('\nHere is flip #%d\n', flip);
coinStates = randi(2, 1, numCoins)

Hristo Zhivomirov
Hristo Zhivomirov on 3 May 2020
Hi Francesco,
My functions Flip a Coin or Roll a Dice with Matlab is exactly what you want. You can try them.
All best,
Hristo Zhivomirov


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