How to receive and record a video stream form port?

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Hi is there a solution in Matlab to receive and record a video stream form port e.g. 8080 (UDP) alongside with the current time. I belief with the Image Acquisition Toolbox this is not possible even though UDP is supported because in my case no camera is used. It is just a simple mpeg 4 video on port 8080 Does somebody knows, how to do it? Thanks Johannes

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Madhura Suresh
Madhura Suresh on 4 May 2016
Hi Johannes,
Does your stream have an IP address? If yes, you can use ipcam in MATLAB.
You could use UDP communication in MATLAB to get images, but that is more involved.
Once you get the raw data, you will have to post-process that to get images in MATLAB.
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Johannes Schultz
Johannes Schultz on 9 May 2016
Hi thanks for your answer No the stream is coming from an other PC via UDP so there is no IP camera connected. In the VLC player it is easy to play the stream you just can open a network stream. Is there no easy solution in Matlab for this, which avoids to reassemble the raw data to an image.

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