Lithium Ion battery model

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MANAS VORA on 2 May 2016
Commented: rehab mokidm on 28 Aug 2019
Hi there!
can anyone please guide me how to make Li-ion battery model and Battery management system in simulink??
I need it asap...
rehab mokidm
rehab mokidm on 21 Aug 2019
Hi, did you manage to do your model ? if yes, can you please help me with it ? i need it urgently and ASAP. i would be really grateful for your help.

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Answers (1)

Fran Alderisio
Fran Alderisio on 23 Aug 2019
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rehab mokidm
rehab mokidm on 28 Aug 2019
Thank you so much for your feedback. these links are really useful. As i dont have any exprience with MATLAB simulink, would you please recommend some videos to me shows to to use SIMSCAP library ? thank you in advance :)

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