Curve fitting - periodic function

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Alexandre le 6 Fév 2012
I would like to fit a curve to a set of data (I know the function is periodic). The problem is, all the fittings I tried are unable to reproduced the periodicity of the function.
Is there any way to use the curve fitting toolbox to fit a periodic function data set using only 1 period?
Thank you, Alex

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Richard Willey
Richard Willey le 6 Fév 2012
Here's a pretty basic example
X = linspace(0, 2*pi, 100);
X = X';
Y = sin(X) + randn(100,1);
foo = fit(X,Y, 'sin1')
hold on
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Alexandre le 7 Fév 2012
Thank you very much, this was exactly what I was looking for!

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Andrew Newell
Andrew Newell le 6 Fév 2012
You could try selecting "Sum of sin functions" for the type of fit.

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