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Error when login into mathworks account using Matlab

Asked by Aj_ti
on 9 May 2016
Latest activity Commented on by Star Strider
on 9 May 2016
I want to install webcam support package but I fail to log in. I try so many solutions provided to install this support package. It looks like my matlab cannot connect to mathworks at all. Currently, I'm using personal internet which proxy is not available. My Matlab version 2015a.


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1 Answer

Answer by Star Strider
on 9 May 2016

You don’t say exactly what you tried. I always use this:
In the Command Window, type:
It will throw an error, and display a link that you can click on to download and install the Webcam Support Package. Have your MathWorks passwrod ready, because you will have to log in to complete the download and installation.


The problem here is I can't login into the account. I'd tried many solutions on how to connect Matlab to Mathwork account. Even when I click 'Request Support', it return me 'Matlab is unable to connect to the Mathworks Support Web site'. So, when my Matlab cannot connect to the Mathworks, it means I can't download any support package.
That is obviously some sort of Internet connectivity problem. I didn’t check at the time to see if I could log in.
First, keep trying it.
Second, check with your local Internet Service Provider to see if that could be the problem.
I’m certain you’ve already done these, but they’re the only things I can think of.

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