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Hydraulic circuit between two pressure sources

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Monz85 le 18 Mai 2016
Hello everybody,
I'm new on the community so sorry in advance if my question lacks in suitable formality. I'm a beginner user of Simhydraulics, and I'm modeling a water circuit in which several components (volumes, orefices, local resistances, valves) are linked serially between two hydraulic pressure sources, one higher than the other one. The subsystem "ROTATING VOLUMES" has two variable orefices in parallel that opens together with a certain signal. Apart from geometrical parameters refining, that haven't been set yet, I expect a massic flow from the higher to the lower pressure source. I cannot understand why it keeps being zero. Maybe it's a silly issue but logically it's a nonsense: do you see any glaring error in the model?
Thanks a lot for your time,

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Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang le 14 Sep 2022
The pressure sensor you have there blocks the flow totally, lol. It's like voltmeter where no current is let through. Usually the B end of the pressure sensor is connected to a reference block.


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