Hello, i'm trying to search for an area of an image.

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Suardi Suhaimi
Suardi Suhaimi le 23 Mai 2016
Commenté : Suardi Suhaimi le 24 Mai 2016
Hello, i'm trying to search for an area of a geometry which has the shape of approx. circle (as attached). I've tried using the imfill function but it doesn't work possibly because there are gaps due to the two electrodes. imclose also produce unsatisfactory results. How can I cut through the gap to form connected circle? Thanks in advance

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Alessandro Masullo
Alessandro Masullo le 23 Mai 2016
I don't know if this solution works for you, but I would use histeq to equalize the image first, then conv2 to convolve the image with a Gaussian (or imfilter), and finally edge with "canny" to detect the shape of the object. You'll have to play with the Gaussian and the canny thresholds, but you could get good results.
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Suardi Suhaimi
Suardi Suhaimi le 24 Mai 2016
Thanks Allesandro for the reply.
I could see some decent results indeed. However, I still need to discard everything inside the circle (esp. the protruding features which are actually a pair of electrodes), only then can i find the area of the circle.
Thanks again.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 24 Mai 2016
imdilate and then imerode to get it to join the halves. Or if you have R2014b or later, you could get the coordinates of the boundary points and then use boundary() on them to find a hull that contains them.
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Suardi Suhaimi
Suardi Suhaimi le 24 Mai 2016
Thanks Walter, As the matter of fact I do have 2014b. I will try it out & repost the results.

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