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Farz Tak
Farz Tak le 9 Fév 2012
How can we display the regression equation (obtained by camand "fit") in the plot?

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the cyclist
the cyclist le 9 Fév 2012
Here is an example:
x = (1:20)';
y = 2 + 3*x + 7*rand(20,1);
model = fit(x,y,'poly1')
The plot command here is an "overloaded" method for cfit objects (the output of the fit command). The documentation is here:
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Farz Tak
Farz Tak le 14 Fév 2012
Thanks a lot, That was helpful

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Richard Willey
Richard Willey le 9 Fév 2012
Try the following
X = linspace(1, 2*pi, 50);
X = X';
Y = sin(X) + randn(50,1);
foo = fit(X,Y, 'sin1');
figure1 = figure;
hold on
% Create textbox
[0.147443514644351 0.802739726027397 0.305903765690377 0.0931506849315069],...
'BackgroundColor',[1 1 1]);
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Farz Tak
Farz Tak le 14 Fév 2012
This really helps me and even save me from using text command every time. Thanks. That was exactly what I wanted to know about this question.

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Maria Ghani
Maria Ghani le 19 Oct 2022
. i need to run regression to get coeffecient between two variables x, y . my data set is daily from 1995 to 2022 . i need monthly coeffecient between two variables . what command should i need to write please anyone help. my dat afile is attached for detail information. x regress y but how i can get for every month ?
thanks in advance


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