How to disable openMP with Matlab Coder?

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Matthias Frühwirth
Matthias Frühwirth le 7 Juin 2016
Commenté : Jingyang Yan le 18 Fév 2022
I want to use Matlab Coder to compile a function that will not profit much from multithreading. Although I use
codegen -O disable:openmp
the resulting C source includes omp.h and tries to find vcompXXX.dll when run.
How can I switch off OpenMP use completely?
System: Matlab Coder 2016a/Windows 10/Visual C++ 2013
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Thomas Langerwerf
Thomas Langerwerf le 23 Fév 2017
I would also like to know this!

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Ryan Livingston
Ryan Livingston le 1 Mar 2017
cfg = coder.config('dll');
cfg.EnableOpenMP = false;
codegen -config cfg ...
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Jingyang Yan
Jingyang Yan le 18 Fév 2022
In MATLABT R2021b version, even I disable the OpenMP libarart if possible, the omp.h file is still included in the header files.

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