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.fig won't open

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Gavin Seddon
Gavin Seddon le 22 Juin 2016
I have created a.fig file which is set to 'visible' however when I try and open this either using File >Open or openfig it is not seen. All suggestions I have found on the web suggest setting it to 'visible'. Can anyone help?
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Star Strider
Star Strider le 22 Juin 2016
The best approach is to upload your .fig file here so we can see if we can reproduce the problem.

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gringer45 le 3 Fév 2021
I would try something like this. Although in your case the figure is already 'visible' 'on' and setting the visibility is not needed.
f = gcf;
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Ryan Godwin
Ryan Godwin le 20 Juil 2021
Modifié(e) : Ryan Godwin le 20 Juil 2021
I was having a similar problem and this solution worked for me! As others have commented the other answer is incorrect, maybe this one should be changed to the accepted answer.

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Shameer Parmar
Shameer Parmar le 22 Juin 2016
for your a.fig, do you have a.m file available with you? if yes, then you can run that .m file and or call that .m file wherever you want, then that fig file (GUI) will open..
If you want to edit that .fig file, then use ' guide' command.
Run guide command then go to tab for ' open existing GUI' browse your .fig file and the edit it..
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Guillaume le 21 Juil 2016
That figure is definitively not a gui figure and opening it with guide will discard most of it. The accepted answer is completely wrong.
I have no problem opening that figure (with openfig or simple double-click) and it is immediately visible.
gringer45 le 3 Fév 2021
I agree this answer is 100% wrong.

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