Empirical PDF data?

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Bret Valenzuela
Bret Valenzuela on 23 Jun 2016
Commented: Titus Edelhofer on 24 Jun 2016
I need to get empirical data for a PDF function. I tried using a ksdensity function but it only plotted 100 points. Is there any way to increase the amount of data points in the ksdensity function? Or is there another way to get empirical data? For context I need to get the x and y data points of the final plot. Using get(plot,'Xdata') or something like that. I appreciate any help!

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Titus Edelhofer
Titus Edelhofer on 23 Jun 2016
Hi Bret,
what do you mean by "empirical data". Are you looking for a draw of numbers that is e.g. normally distributed? In this case
doc normrnd
Or are you interested in plotting the PDF? In this case take a look at
doc normpdf
Both are from Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox.
Titus Edelhofer
Titus Edelhofer on 24 Jun 2016
I don't understand. What are exact data? You can edit the normpdf function to see how it's computed ...

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