Problem installing Simulink Support Package for Samsung GALAXY Android Devices

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CharlesG le 28 Juin 2016
So, I'm using Matlab R2016a and I'm trying to install 'Simulink Support Package for Samsung GALAXY Android Devices'. But for some reason I can't seem to get the package installed. It constantly shows me the following message, after I have patiently waited for a very long time.
At first I tried to install this together with 'MATLAB Support Package for Android Sensors'. That one went fine. I'm sure of this, because I tested this by downloading Matlab Mobile on my phone, then I connected my laptop to my phone (over WiFi) and indeed there was telemetry. But before I could even do this test, 'Simulink Support Package for Samsung GALAXY Android Devices' had already failed installing.
So, obviously, I tried again, because I really want to use that. Therefore, I tried to install the package by various means and even rebooted my PC, just to see if it wasn't something stupid like that, but nothing helped.
So now my question to you all is: Have any of you here had the same problem and if so, how can I fix it?
Thanks in advance for your input!
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Hans Jakob Bosshard
Hans Jakob Bosshard le 17 Juil 2016
I had the same problem under Windows 10 today. I followed the following steps: - Deinstalling of MacAffe - New start of Matlab - A new question come up from Windows 10: Access allowed in private or open WLAN networks. Answer yes for home networks. After this a new start of Matlab with Administrator rights and installing the Android packages another time worked correctly.

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saras le 1 Juil 2016
Modifié(e) : saras le 1 Juil 2016
It seems like an issue with NDK installation. Can you share the contents of C:\MATLAB\SupportPackages\R2016a? Also, when you navigate to MATLAB > Add-Ons > "Get Hardware Support Packages", does it show the support package as installed?

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