Plotting data on curvilinear coord projection

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I have two lat and lon matrices, each 622x810 and they are of a curvilinear projection. I previously just used vectors of lon and lat to plot my data with surfacem (see below) but I am not sure how to do this with lat and lon as a matrix of curvilinear coordinates.
Any suggestions?
ax = worldmap(latlim, lonlim);
S = shaperead('landareas','UseGeoCoords',true);
surfacem(lat, lon, inpdata)
shading interp
geoshow([S.Lat], [S.Lon],'Color','black');

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KSSV on 1 Jul 2016
As you have matrices in hand, it shall be very easy to plot what you want. If you want to get vectors of lon, lat from 622x810 matrices of each, try using unique(); this will give you the vectors.
Dushantha Sandaruwan WIJENDRA NAIDHELAGE
Is ther anyway to convert the covarian projection (meshgird) into noramal Longitude and latitudes?

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José-Luis on 1 Jul 2016
It is not clear to me how you want those arrays displayed. If you only want to show the points:
geoshow(S.Lat(:), S.Lon(:),'Color','black');
José-Luis on 4 Jul 2016
I don't know what a matrix of curvilinear coordinates is.

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Jonathan Eliashiv
Jonathan Eliashiv on 18 Oct 2016
Edited: Jonathan Eliashiv on 18 Oct 2016
Super simple actually.
Go ahead and reshape your coordinates and data into 1-d vectors:
X_curvi = reshape(lon,[],1);
Y_curvi = reshape(lat,[],1);
data_curvi = reshape(inpdata,[],1);
Make a meshgrid that you want to interpolate into:
[lon_grid,lat_grid] = meshgrid(minlon:dx:maxlon,minlat:dy:maxlat)
and then you can use the griddata function:
[~,~,data_rectilinear] = griddata(X_curvi,Y_curvi,data_curvi,...
and plot away
pcolor(lon_grid,lat_grid,data_rectilinear); shading flat

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