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arrange multiple 2D histograms in 3D

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beginner le 14 Juil 2016
I am wondering how I can draw this figure with Matlab. Please help!

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Duncan Po
Duncan Po le 14 Juil 2016
You can use the hist function to plot one histogram, then grab its vertices from the resulting patch object. Pass these vertices to the patch function and add a Z component to it. Like this:
h = get(gca,'Children');
x = h.Vertices(:,1);
y = h.Vertices(:,2);
z = 3*ones(size(x));
close all
h = get(gca,'Children');
x2 = h.Vertices(:,1);
y2 = h.Vertices(:,2);
z2 = 6*ones(size(x2));
close all;
patch(x,y,z, 'r'); hold on; patch(x2,y2,z2, 'b'); view(3)
% now rotate as desired

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