nonlinear curve-fitting: weight vector

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anna le 21 Fév 2012
Modifié(e) : Tom Lane le 22 Jan 2018
hi I am working on a multiobjective procedure using the 'lsqcurvefit' (Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm): I would like to use a weight vector during risolution of the best fit in order to force the best fit function following the last inputs in a better way instead of the first ones. How can I?

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Richard Willey
Richard Willey le 21 Fév 2012
nlinfit in Statistics Toolbox
  1. Uses Levenberg-Marquardt under the hood
  2. Allows you to input a vector of weights
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Tom Lane
Tom Lane le 21 Fév 2012
Modifié(e) : Tom Lane le 22 Jan 2018
The use of weights is actually not supported directly in nlinfit, but there is a demo about how to do that. You might use the same technique with lsqcurvefit if you prefer.
anna le 22 Fév 2012
Dear guys,
many many thanks for your reply.
It works perfectly!!!
I have modified my script by using the same technique reported in the last link for the “nlinfit”.

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