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Oscar Simancas Morales
Oscar Simancas Morales on 10 Aug 2016
Answered: ybshokouhi on 16 Feb 2020
I am considering to introduce robotics to my students and I have the kit from makeblock (mBot). It is a kit based in Arduino Uno, is it compatible with Matlab or Simulink?
Many thanks
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Swarooph on 10 Aug 2016
I am not sure if you already know the following but are still looking for dedicated mbot support. But, MATLAB and Simulink support Arduino Uno (by downloading a separate hardware support package). See here.

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ybshokouhi on 16 Feb 2020
Have you used the Mblock MBot robots with MATLAB? If so, on the latest version of Catalina, do you face problems with the Arduino board connections?
It seems like that in the latest version of MAC operations system (Catalina), MATLAB does not detect the connection port or the Arduino Board on the MBot robot.
Any ideas?


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