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for loop query

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Bathrinath le 23 Fév 2012
Modifié(e) : chaocanha le 23 Oct 2013
m = 3; c = [40,39,36,30,22,21]
I have to get the answer in matrixformat d= [40 39 36 ; 21 22 30] as my machine size m = 3
once the first row is over(3 elements are printed),remaining elements of c matrix has to be printed in reverse order as shown in second row of d matrix.
Advice me regarding

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Jarrod Rivituso
Jarrod Rivituso le 23 Fév 2012
Reshape and fliplr will help you here:
m = 3;
c = [40,39,36,30,22,21,1,2,3,4,5,6]
result = reshape(c,m,[])'
result(2:2:end,:) = fliplr(result(2:2:end,:))
Note that there are some subtleties with how matrices are reshaped that are a result of the column-major nature of MATLAB. This is why the transpose is there. Read the reshape doc for more info
doc reshape
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Bathrinath le 23 Fév 2012
Thank you,it works.

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