OCR Languages Support Package Installation

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Michal Halon
Michal Halon le 26 Août 2016
Hello! Today I wanted to install OCR Languages Support Package and during installation encountered a following problem:
Where can I find working Languages Support Package?

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Birju Patel
Birju Patel le 30 Août 2016
Modifié(e) : Walter Roberson le 21 Juil 2019
Hi Michal,
The OCR Languages Support Package is down. We are working to get it back online.
If you need the language files immediately, you can get them from here:
Once you have the *.traineddata file that you want to use, you can call the OCR function as follows:
txt = ocr(img,'Language','path/to/tessdata/eng.traineddata');
Just replace eng.traineddata with whichever language you wanted to use.
Hope that helps, Birju
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Sayyed Mohsen Vazirizade
Sayyed Mohsen Vazirizade le 21 Juil 2019
I downloaded pus.traineddata and put it in the folder you mentioned. I ran into the following error:
Error using tesseractWrapper
Internal error using Tesseract:
actual_tessdata_num_entries_ <= TESSDATA_NUM_ENTRIES:Error:Assert failed:in file
..\..\ccutil\tessdatamanager.cpp, line 50

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