Matlab Serial Communication on MAC

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Robert on 8 Sep 2016
Edited: Raymond Chiu on 29 Sep 2018
So Im trying to open a com port on mac osx
According to a tutorial from math works I'm suppose to use the following
Mac OS X 64 serial('/dev/tty.KeySerial1');
What is KeySerial1?
I tried going to mac system info but and looking under the USB section but don't know what name to use to open the correct port. Any ideas?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 8 Sep 2016
There is no real standard for the name that will be associated with a USB based serial device. Typically, though, the device name will match /dev/tty.* including the period literally. So in MATLAB, try
!ls /dev/tty.*
and see if you find anything.
The default Mac serial ports have names that match /dev/tty[p-w][0-9a-f] . Also, you will probably see /dev/tty.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port which will not have anything to do with USB.
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Robert on 8 Sep 2016
Thanks The command worked and gave me a name. Thank you!

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Raymond Chiu
Raymond Chiu on 29 Sep 2018
Edited: Raymond Chiu on 29 Sep 2018
lsusb is available through home-brew on OS X

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