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Can not use "imaqhwinfo"

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Lizhao Du
Lizhao Du on 26 Sep 2016
Commented: Lizhao Du on 27 Sep 2016
When I use "imaqhwinfo" , it returns nothing only I am wrong . I did have installed "Image Acquisition Toolbox" and "MATLAB Compiler SDK",but it did not work . Thanks in advance .


Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 26 Sep 2016
Nothing? What do you mean by "nothing"? Do you mean this:
>> imaqhwinfo
Warning: No Image Acquisition adaptors found. Image acquisition adaptors may be available as downloadable support
packages. Open Support Package Installer to install additional vendors.
ans =
InstalledAdaptors: {}
MATLABVersion: '9.0 (R2016a)'
ToolboxName: 'Image Acquisition Toolbox'
ToolboxVersion: '5.0 (R2016a)'
Or do you just get another command prompt with nothing whatsoever displayed in the command window? What does it show if you type
>> ver
Lizhao Du
Lizhao Du on 27 Sep 2016
It shows that my lisence is 123456, is it right ? The good news is that with Madhura Suresh's help , it did work ! Thank you !

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Madhura Suresh
Madhura Suresh on 26 Sep 2016
Edited: Madhura Suresh on 26 Sep 2016
Hi Lizhao,
You will need to install hardware support packages to install the adaptors.
Run supportPackageInstaller to install support packages for hardware that you have - and then run imaqhwinfo again.

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Lizhao Du
Lizhao Du on 27 Sep 2016
Yeah , you are right . It does work ! Thanks a lot !

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