It is not possible to remove file from Compiler Project in 2016b

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Jan on 12 Oct 2016
Answered: Mike Smith on 25 Jul 2019
After deleting a file in the deploy tool, along with documentation, the file is automatically inserted back within a few seconds. Then it is included in compiled binary. Rel. R2016b.
Is it possible to remove the file permanently?
Kaixiang Wang
Kaixiang Wang on 23 Jul 2018
@Adam Thanks for the reply. My understanding of your approach is, basically, to fool the dependency analyzer so it does not know the path to the data files? Quite a smart idea. I will give it a try.

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Answers (2)

Soma Ardhanareeswaran
Soma Ardhanareeswaran on 20 Oct 2016
I agree with Adam, the Dependency Analysis step would pick up the dependent files that are found in the current directory or from the MATLAB path and get included into the compiler project.
Kaixiang Wang
Kaixiang Wang on 23 Jul 2018
@Jan Hi Jan, thanks for replying! Eventually I managed to find a few ways, and yes, asking the user for an input location is one of them.
The other approach you mentioned could be a good idea too, but unfortunately not practical for my case. My .mat file is generated by another program which would not know the temp directory (across different machines).
Anyway, it is nice to discuss with you! Cheers!

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Mike Smith
Mike Smith on 25 Jul 2019
I know it'a been a while since this question was posted but I thought I'd comment on my experience with this to keep it all in the same thread. I am using Matlab 2018a with deploytool to make a standalone application. I have a few lines in the app startup function that look for a file "locationOfConfig.m" that represents a Matlab variable (string) that is the absolute path to the actual configuration file. It uses this path to check for the file and if its not there the app launches a little configuration window where the user can make/edit the config file. Once the configuration window is filled out, the configuration file location ("locationOfConfig.m") file and the actual configuration file ("config.txt") are written.
Anyway, during compiling, it was annoying because my "locationOfConfig.m" file kept being automatically incorporated into the "Files required for your application to run" section. But I need the user to be able to generate their own unique file upon installation...not use my absolute path! To work around this, I simply save my local "locationOfConfig.m" in a location that is not set in the official Matlab path (Set Path) and then Matlab doesn't see it upon searching for dependencies. This allows me to compile without the Matlab-declared "dependent" file.
Hope that helps somebody out there.

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