The scope in Simulink does not show any thing!

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Please, when I started to run the following block diagram and open the scope, nothing appeared in the scope! What is the problem ?!

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Mohammed Hafez
Mohammed Hafez on 18 Oct 2016
I found the solution of the problem, just I made auto scale in the scope and then the graph appeared.
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Derrick Varnes
Derrick Varnes on 6 Sep 2021
Wow. I was having the same issue for many hours and just happened upon this forum. Thank you, this worked for me as well!

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Pritesh Shah
Pritesh Shah on 15 Oct 2016
Did you run the model??

CHINTALA SUSILA on 15 Oct 2016
save and run the model

LO on 7 Jul 2018
my time.scope shows signals but they do not refresh constantly during continuous acquisition, does anyone have any idea or advice ?
I am using the code from the matlab help page to run the scope ... it could be helpful to see an example with correct syntax (maybe I am doing something wrong)
thanks in advance

Antony Smith
Antony Smith on 1 Jul 2022
I have tried Auto-scaling axes, but I still see nothing on the scope.
Scope works fine for other models with a compile and 10 sec stop time, but this model is continuously simulating?
Anyone know how to continuously display signals during simulation?

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