Install MinGW-w64 compiler without Add-on explorer

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Tim on 18 Oct 2016
I want to install the MinGW-w64 compiler but my Add-On Explorer isn't working. Is there another way to install or a way to fix the Add-On explorer. Problem could be due to work firewall or browser restrictions. I have set my proxy server.

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Yatin on 15 Nov 2016
Please refer to the MinGW FAQ page for configuring MinGW manually.
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Franck Thierry Pouomogne
Franck Thierry Pouomogne on 21 Jun 2020
hello everyone , please i have problem to dowload MinGW-w64 a C/C++ compiler from TDM-GCC , for matlab 2014 , what can i do please ..?

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Soma Ardhanareeswaran
Soma Ardhanareeswaran on 21 Oct 2016
You can specify the proxy settings in MATLAB preferences. Refer
If you are still not able to proceed, then you can download the TDM GCC 4.9.2 MinGW compiler from the following link -
Install the compiler and then run the following command in MATLAB to configure it with MATLAB
mex -setup C++
MATLAB should now be able to detect the compiler
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Tim on 25 Oct 2016
proxy isn't the issue - that's set and works.
Downloaded from the sourceforge link you provided but didn't know how to install (no installer in package).
Found installer package at (also from web site at Installed but MATLAB doesn't find the installed compiler.
Full details of Add-On Explorer error shows very long URL that is not available. See below. I tried copy-paste of various parts of this URL in Chrome, but nothing works. loads but none of the links on the MinGW compiler page do anything. Other sub-URLs, such as, give an error that the Add-On Explorer is unavailable.

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Mark Thomas
Mark Thomas on 17 Jan 2018
Edited: Mark Thomas on 17 Jan 2018
If your ZIP archive has the pre-built compiler in it, you just need to unzip it under a directory with no spaces in its name. My MinGW-w64 lives under D:\Programs, and its top-level directory [created by the installer, not from a ZIP file] contains directories:
MATLAB uses the environment variable MW_MINGW64_LOC to find the MinGW-w64 compiler (see this answer
I ran cmd.exe with admin rights to open a terminal and entered command sysdm.cpl [this is the command run by steps 2 & 3 in the answer's instructions for MATLAB R2015b to R2017a] and followed steps 4-9, setting MW_MINGW64_LOC to "D:\Programs\TDM-GCC-64".
The MATLAB mex -setup command found MinGW-w64, and set it up as the MEX compiler.

Mixajlo on 2 Jul 2018
Edited: Mixajlo on 2 Jul 2018
You can normally install compiler from add-on explorer, but you should execute matlab command: >>webutils.htmlrenderer('ie')
By this command, you will force matlab to use internet explorer as the html renderer, instead of forced chrome renderer. Matlab doesn't work perfectly with chrome.

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