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do we need a new license file

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Nathan Amboy
Nathan Amboy le 18 Oct 2016
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while setting up virtual switch for Hyper-V, I think the network port ID's were altered and that seems to have stopped the Matlab license from working. Do I need a new license?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 18 Oct 2016
It depends on your operating system and your MATLAB release, but Plausibly Yes you need a new license file if your MAC address changed,or if your boot drive changed.
The details of how it decides what to license against changed a couple of releases ago (possibly as early as R2014a). There was an update on one of the Mathworks Support items posted here last week. I was convinced that the update was incorrect so I did some testing, but in the time spent I could not prove the update was wrong (but it sure looked like it was wrong for Linux, and probably wrong for OS X)

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