Effacer les filtres
Effacer les filtres

I am in engineering design in school. my design is to create a filter/amplification system for an acoustic guitar using code in MATLAB. I have two questions. First what should me code look like? Second what hardware can I use to impliment my code.

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Here is a sample of my code, I have the same code with different cut off frequencies for all the notes that an aucoustic guitar can play:
This is one note in octave 4
t = 0:Fs:2;
x_noise = C + randn(size(C));
[b,a] = butter(20,0.14,'low');
y = filter(b,a,x_noise);
[b,a] = butter(20, 0.13,'high');
Can this code be exported to hardware? If not how can I fix it.

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Hari Desanur
Hari Desanur le 16 Nov 2016
This example in the documentation shows how to design octave-band filters.
To be able to export MATLAB code to hardware, the functions in the MATLAB code must be supported for code generation. To determine if a function is suitable for code generation, use the coder.screener function.
You can also check all the functions suitable for code generation in this link.


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