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simple complex plot of a few points

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Robert le 22 Nov 2016
Commenté : Star Strider le 22 Nov 2016
All i want to do is plot a few points on a complex plot aka the S Plane
If i want to plot a single point at say -2 + 2*sqrt(3)*j how would i go about doing such a thing.

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KSSV le 22 Nov 2016
Modifié(e) : KSSV le 22 Nov 2016
z = -2 + 2*sqrt(3)*i ;
plot(z,'.r') ;
plot(real(z),imag(z),'.r') ;
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KSSV le 22 Nov 2016
plot(real(z),imag(z),'.r') ;
xlabel('Real part')
ylabel('Imaginary part')x
Star Strider
Star Strider le 22 Nov 2016
‘i need the y axis to actually show the dang i or j’
See the documentation for text.

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