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3D laser scanner

Asked by Jolanta Gavrowski on 7 Mar 2012
Latest activity Answered by supermanhero 718 on 11 Feb 2015
Hi there
I am Jolanta and from lativia and I am new to Matlab. I am using Laser sensor with NI PCle 6321 to acquire 3D images of a scanned object. I want to know whether it is possible to do the same using Matlab instead of LabView. I am using Lego Mindstorms made Robotic arm to move my Laser beam which gives me x,y,z points now I want to know How do I achieve this using Matlab. Your suggestions are really appreciated.


Could you perhaps provide a small set of sample data and the expected results/image of expected results?
If you can watch this video. The application should be similar to this

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Answer by Doug Jones on 7 Mar 2012

Hi Jolanta,
You can now program & control the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT directly from Simulink. One suggestion is to model the robot arm controller in Simulink and then load & run it on the NXT Brick. In MATLAB, you can use the Data Acquisition Toolbox to acquire the laser sensor data. Data Acquisition Toolbox provides support for the PCIe-6321. More details can be found here:
Simulink Support for Target Hardware, including LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT:
Data Acquisition Toolbox:
I hope this is helpful.


Right, Sean, but the 6321 _is_ a NI device.
And I can't find anything indicating support for any non-NI products.
has a chart that shows that session-based interface is supported only for NI devices, and that for other manufacturers, only the legacy interface is supported and only 32 bit MATLAB.

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Answer by Jolanta Gavrowski on 9 Mar 2012

Hi Guys Thanks for the reply.
But I cant find target installer on my Simulink. I am using Matlab 2011b, buyt in my tools of new models in simulink there is no option of run target installer.


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Answer by supermanhero 718 on 11 Feb 2015

Hi all,
Can you help me for my final year project about 3D scanner image using laser. So, I hope could everybody help me by providing the complete matlab coding for this project.
Thanks and have a nice day


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