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How to implement GoogleNet as a Series Netwok?

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Manuel Rios
Manuel Rios le 6 Déc 2016
Commenté : rashi purwar le 26 Oct 2017
Recently, I have been working with DeepLearning and Matlab, I have run some examples from the official Web page and also others from Webinars. Thanks to that I have codes to implement the well known 1000 cathegories Alex-net Convolutional Neural Network, and also I know how to build a CNN from the beginning , but now I would like to try with another Pre trained CNN , for instance GoogleNET, I downloaded the .m file from vlfeat. unfortunatly I can not use @helperImportMatConvNet@ command with this NET. tere is any way to tranform this Net into a series Network.

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Anand le 7 Déc 2016
MATLAB as of R2016b does not support non-series networks. This will be part of a future release.
GooleNet is not a series network. Therefore you won't be able to do that transformation.
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shikha purwar
shikha purwar le 5 Oct 2017
this is not work in R2017a
rashi purwar
rashi purwar le 26 Oct 2017
MATLAB R2017b supports GoogleNET.

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