How to load trained R-CNN model to SIMULINK

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Below is the MATLAB code that I used to train my R-CNN Object Detector
rcnn = trainRCNNObjectDetector(ROI, cifar10Net, options, ...
'NegativeOverlapRange', [0 0.3], 'PositiveOverlapRange',[0.5 1])
Now my problem is the blocks like 'from File' in SIMULINK can not take any MAT file that are not timeseries object.
Below in the data format that I saved using the codes above,
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes
rcnn 1x1 482631 rcnnObjectDetector
Below is the properties of the model after being loaded,
rcnn =
rcnnObjectDetector with properties:
Network: [1×1 SeriesNetwork]
ClassNames: {'Left' 'Stop' 'Go' 'Right' 'Background'}
RegionProposalFcn: @rcnnObjectDetector.proposeRegions
So, is that any possible way to import the trained network to SIMULINK?

Accepted Answer

David Willingham
David Willingham on 18 Oct 2021
As of R2021b, you can simulate and generate code for deep learning object detectors in Simulink®. The Analysis & Enhancement block library from Computer Vision Toolbox™ now includes the Deep Learning Object Detector (Computer Vision Toolbox) block. This block predicts bounding boxes, class labels, and scores for the input image data by using a specified trained object detector. This block enables you to load a pretrained object detector into the Simulink model from a MAT file or a MATLAB function.
For more information about working with the Deep Learning Object Detector block, see Lane and Vehicle Detection in Simulink Using Deep Learning. To learn more about using deep learning with Simulink, see Deep Learning with Simulink.
David Willingham
David Willingham on 18 Oct 2021
You can use the Stateful predict, or Stateful classify to for using a trained LSTM with Simulink
Here are some links:

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 11 Dec 2016
You could possibly create a Simulink bus object with custom signals. However, I find no evidence that Simulink has any cnn related blocks, so you would have to be doing everything opaquely though a MATLAB Function Block or Level 2 MATLAB function. I suspect that it would not be possible to use it with any accelation mode other than "normal" or "accelerated" (using coder.extrinsic), not rapid accelation or code generation. I have not cross-checked that limitation though.

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De M
De M on 9 May 2019
Me too

michael bronnmann
michael bronnmann on 21 Aug 2019
Any news on this topic? I have a similar topic to use a trained model in Simulink. Has anyone an idea how to export the net to e.g. c++ for use within a sfunction?

Jonathan Akorli
Jonathan Akorli on 10 Mar 2020
Try using a MATLAB Interpreted function. You may have to use mapminmax to map the function block but its worth a try
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michael bronnmann
michael bronnmann on 11 Mar 2020
Thanks for your answer. In the meanwhile I took a MATLAB Fcn block for "Shallow Neural Networks". They can be exported to either a m-function or a Simulink model.
Unfortunately there's no conversion possible from a Deep Neural Network.

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Cesar García Echeverry
Cesar García Echeverry on 29 Jun 2021
Did you solved the problem? i want to load a .net from Matlab to Simulink, but i'm having the same problem.
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Muhammad Faisal Khalid
Muhammad Faisal Khalid on 16 Oct 2021
did u find the solution as i am also facing same problem

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