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is it ok to install matlab on 3 operating systems only 2 of those operating systems is on one machine ?

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i have a matlab student license and so far i have installed it on two machines one mac and one linux. the machine that has linux also has windows. is it ok to install matlab on windows ?

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Sally Al Khamees
Sally Al Khamees le 22 Déc 2016
MATLAB licenses use a computer's MAC address to identify the licensed computer. Since MAC address is a hardware value, it is persistent across operating systems installed on the same machine. Therefore, installations of MATLAB on different operating systems installed on the same physical machine count as the same activation.
R2015a and Newer Releases:
MATLAB will automatically activate to the Mac Address and Volume Serial number, therefore simply run the activation client when installing MATLAB on all Operating Systems and the license file with the shared Mac Address will be placed in each OS.
R2014b and Older Releases:
On Windows, the volume serial number can also be used as the host ID. This value does not exist in Linux or MacOS. Therefore, if you are activating MATLAB manually on a dual-boot computer, and one of the operating systems in question is Windows, make sure you activate to the MAC address, not the volume serial number. A license file generated using the volume serial number will not work in Linux or MacOS on the same physical machine


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