EM Simulation of modified capacitor structure

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Robert Smolarz
Robert Smolarz on 9 Jan 2017
Edited: halleyhit on 11 Jan 2017
Hello everyone.
I need your expertise about EM simulations in the Matlab environment. I want to make a simulation of structure which is a tube (made from teflon material) in which on the top and the bottom will be placed plates (electrodes). Next I want to "stimulate" it by using pulse source. Mainly I want to place some material with different epsilon between those plates. And now: a) there is posibility to simulate such a structure ? (tube in which we have plates) b) can I make import of 3D EM model from the CST Microwave Office ans simulate in properly in the Matlab ? c) how can I observe electric field distribution ?
Best Regards

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halleyhit on 9 Jan 2017
What you want to solve is a partial differential equation (EQS or MQS equations). In matlab, PDEtool may help you. However, I think it can solves 2D problem only. New vision like 2016b or later may solve 3D problem, but I am not sure. Personally, Comsol, which originates from PEDtool, is a better tool to your simulation.

Robert Smolarz
Robert Smolarz on 10 Jan 2017
halleyhit thank you for your response.
I followed to your advice about usage of the Comsol. Well, I never before used it, so I have some problems. I have designed model of this modified capacitor (see attachment). Right now I want to simulate it by using a damped sinusoid (attachment) as a source connected to the upper connector of structure (named connector_top). The lower connector (connector_bottom) - to the ground (GND). Can you help me with this ?
Best Regards, R.
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halleyhit on 10 Jan 2017
1. You use a quite new vision Comsol, and I can't open this file. Sorry.
2. I guess you use "ACDC/electric currents (ec)" physics. If so, you can right click the physics and then add electric potential and ground. To use damped sinusoid wave, you may build a function in global definitions.
3. Comsol is quite easier than matlab, and you may find more help in its model libraries.

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