Contourf and a background image: how set transparency ?

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Mario Cilento
Mario Cilento le 13 Jan 2017
Commenté : Kuifeng Zhao le 16 Nov 2020
Hello everyone. I have a contourf plot and I need to add in the same figure, as background image, a map. The issue is enhance trasparency of contourf layers.
I try to use my own code, helped by these forum, reported here:
% plotting image and contourf
img = imread('backgroud.png');
hold on;
% setting trasparency
set(c, 'Renderer', 'OpenGL');
alphable = findobj(h, '-property', 'FaceAlpha');
set(alphable, 'FaceAlpha',0.5);
Even though the command 'Renderer' is applied directly to countourf's handles, this error occurs:
The name 'Renderer' is not an accessible property for an instance of class
I'm working on a Matlab 2015b.
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Jeff Barton
Jeff Barton le 22 Oct 2019 has the solution (which involves FacePrims field):
(See "Customizing the color" section)
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Kuifeng Zhao
Kuifeng Zhao le 16 Nov 2020
This works for me, Matlab 2020b. Thanks for sharing.

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