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GATool to solve Assignment Problem

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Rameza on 13 Mar 2012
I am a student very new to Matlab. I am trying to use the GATool (OptimTool) to solve the assignment problem (assignment 1 person to 1 machine). I would like to know how to write the fitness function and how to enter the constraints in the tool.
Min Z= 14X11 +5X21 +8X31 +7X41 +2X12 +12X22 +6X23 +5X24 +7X31 +8X32 +3X33 +9X34 +2X341 +4X42 +6X43 +10X44.
Subject to: X11+X21+X31+X41=1 X12+X22+X32+X42=1 X13+X23+X33+X43=1 X14+X24+X34+X44=1 X11+X12+X13+X14=1 X21+X22+X23+X24=1 X31+X32+X33+X34=1 X41+X42+X43+X44=1 All variables=0 or 1.
Thank you.

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