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in cody coursework i keep getting the response "Assertion failed." when i go to test the question. What am i doing wrong?

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product of y and z such that the result is a 40x5 matrix?
y*z= 5x40 matrix=M
When I try to use the inverse x=M.'or x=z'*y' for the answer and when i go to test it i get the error:
Assertion failed.
How do I get the correct solution?
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Nicholas Ayres
Nicholas Ayres le 13 Juin 2017
You seem to be testing whether the two matrices are exactly the same, including all the values within the matrix. This may be your issue? Also, make sure all your variables are correctly defined. size(<your_variable>) will be the useful function.

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Guillaume le 2 Fév 2017
The assertion is telling you that your answer differs from the expected answer. That's all.
Now, the reason may be that your answer is indeed wrong. In which case, try harder.
But the reason could also be that you're using a slightly different method to arrive at the result resulting in minute differences in the result due to the way computer stores floating point numbers, in which case you're perfectly entitled to complain loudly to whomever set this test since they don't seem to be aware that you should never use isequal to compare floating point numbers. See for example the result of:
isequal(1.001-0.001, 1)

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Sally Al Khamees
Sally Al Khamees le 2 Fév 2017
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You cannot view any other answer beside your own on Cody Coursework. It is designed to emulate a homework assignment. You can contact the professor who has created the course to get the solution. Hope this helps


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