Installation of android support package for Samsung Galaxy S6: the samsung is not recognized

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Hi I have installed the support package and turned on the USB debugging but the matlab is not detecting my device( samsung galaxy s6 edge)! any suggestion please? the hardware pane only shows the s4 and tab 2 options

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saras le 17 Fév 2017
Which MATLAB release are you working on?
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Noor Zeid
Noor Zeid le 18 Fév 2017
Hi I have used my R2016a release, the download is done but Testing Connection is not done this error keeps appearing: Could not detect the TestApp running on your device. Ensure that your device screen is unlocked and you can see the TestApp running. I am 100% sure that my screen is unlocked any help please ?
saras le 24 Fév 2017
What Android version are you running on your Samsung S6 Edge? Please note that R2016a does not support Android 6 or above. This support was added in R2016b. You would still be able to deploy models to your device. But, external mode will not work.

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