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custom diode in simulink?

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Abdulkadir Eroglu
Abdulkadir Eroglu le 17 Fév 2017
I would like to implement a custom semiconductor as you can do it in PSPice and similar tools. I have a custom LED i would like to use in my simulation, but I don't know how to get it's "behavior" implemented in Simulink? Is there a way?
Thanks in Advance:),

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Abel Babu
Abel Babu le 21 Fév 2017
Hi Abdulkadir,
This documentation link is a good place to start for Diode modeling in Simulink: http://in.mathworks.com/help/physmod/elec/ref/diode.html
It has the following representations:
  • Piecewise Linear
  • Piecewise Linear Zener
  • Exponential
Each of these representation has parameters that can be changed to according to your custom model. Those include sections like Reverse breakdown, Ohmic resistance, Capacitance, Temperature dependence etc.

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