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volumetri estimation on 3D binary matrix

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Emanuele Gandola
Emanuele Gandola le 20 Fév 2017
Thanks in advance, I have a 3D binary space derived by a microscopy confocal image. I have to estimate the number of connected object and the volume of each one. The classical 2D function bwboundarties bwarea and regiorprops doesn't work. Any suggestion?

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Emanuele Gandola
Emanuele Gandola le 22 Fév 2017
Modifié(e) : Emanuele Gandola le 22 Fév 2017
Thanks Abel! Probably I don't need these functions because I solved in this way
% Calculation of volume
CC = bwconncomp(F);
N = CC.NumObjects;
S = regionprops(CC, 'Area');
allVolume = [S.Area];
where F is the 3D binary matrix.

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Abel Babu
Abel Babu le 21 Fév 2017
Hi Emanuele,
Take a look at these functions from the Image Processing Toolbox:
These include functions that let you do filtering, segmenting, and perform other image processing operations on 3D volumetric data.


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