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Numbering bubbles and extract centers

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Mandar Badve
Mandar Badve le 21 Fév 2017
Commenté : Mandar Badve le 23 Juin 2017
I have a 2D image of bubbles (all connected to each other). I want to number each bubble seperately, compute its area and locate centre of each bubble along with its co-ordinatres. Can I do it with standard flood fill algorithm? attaching skeletonized image for reference.

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KSSV le 1 Mar 2017
Modifié(e) : KSSV le 1 Mar 2017
You can count the number of closed regions using bwlabeln.
I = imread('test2.png') ;
I = rgb2gray(I) ;
[L,num] = bwlabeln(I,6) ; % num gives you closed region
m = regionprops(L) ; % measurements of regions, gives centers of the regions
hold on
for i = 1:num
c = m(i).Centroid ;
plot(c(1),c(2),'*r') ;
num gives you the number of closed regions. You can view them using vislabels(L). Download the function vislabels from here .
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KSSV le 1 Mar 2017
Modifié(e) : KSSV le 1 Mar 2017
Just curious...May I know what image is this? What is the application?
Mandar Badve
Mandar Badve le 23 Juin 2017
Is it possible to estimate velocity of the bubbles once I extract centres from the images? By analysing successive frames? Or is there any way to track shapes between successive frames to estimate velocities?

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Abel Babu
Abel Babu le 24 Fév 2017
Hi Mandar,
Here is a MATLAB example that describes how to find circles in a given image:
It uses the ' imfindcircles ' function that internally uses Hough Transform to compute both center and radii of a circle. Here is the documentation for the same:

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