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Use MATLAB Structure into Simulink Model which at the end needs to be autocoded

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Ash1992 le 21 Fév 2017
Hello everyone ,
I am trying to use data in MATLAB structure into the simulink model which further needs to be autocoded . I have seen some of the posts which points out that we should use bus objects to import MATLAB structures in simulink. Structure has around 10 fields and hell lot of data in rows as it's a MAP data.
In that case , Can i autocode them into C files(once i access them using bus objects) as I need to use it for some embedded applications... ??????????????
Any Questions , please feel free to ask.

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Abel Babu
Abel Babu le 24 Fév 2017
Hi Ash,
Yes, Structures inside Simulink environment would require bus object. More about same can be found in these documentation links:
And for code generation with Structures, refer this documentation:
Also to get an idea of how to go about this same refer this inbuilt Simulink model that uses structure internally:
Type the following in the MATLAB terminal:
>> emldemo_bus_struct

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